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If you are at a point in your life when you hear that you will require dentures, don’t be discouraged or afraid. Today’s dentures are nothing like those of your parents’ or grandparents’ days. At Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, VA, we want our patients to discover the many benefits of dentures.

As a major form of restorative dentistry, dentures provide patients with some exceptional solutions and answers.

There are also many measurable and long-term benefits of dentures. Please consider the following:

They offer you a chance to enjoy the benefits of a blank slate. In other words, regardless of how painful and troubling your dental past has been, dentures are a way of beginning new. Whether you use a full or partial, upper or lower, the dentures are a new set of teeth, allowing you to smile and eat like normal and without pain or worry.

They save you money over the long term. If your dentist in Leesburg has offered dentures as a solution, don’t react without first thinking about the costs of dental care. Not only do you make annual or twice annual visits for checkups and cleanings, but you also have to make that trip (taking the time to drive and maybe even taking time out of work).

Over the years, these things may add up. With dentures, though, you make far fewer visits because you do most of the maintenance yourself.

You can still eat everything you want. Gone are the days when dentures meant a soft or even a pureed diet. The benefits of dentures today is that you are going to be able to consume everything you want – even harder foods. The pain from broken or diseased teeth is a memory and you can just get on with enjoying the foods you love.

They are convincing. Well designed and well fitted to your gums and jaws, one of the best benefits of dentures today is that they are almost impossible to distinguish from real teeth. No one will know you are wearing full or partial dentures…unless you tell them.

Keep you looking and sounding like yourself. Without your teeth (especially if you are missing many), your face can begin to sag and you will speak oddly. Over time, this ages you, creating a lot of lines and allowing your fact to look “collapsed”. Dentures fill in those gaps, restoring you to your natural appearance, taking years off your age!

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