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Do you remember what it was like when you went to the dentist as a child? A lot of people recall a frightening and somewhat overwhelming experience, and so Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, VA has gone to great lengths to offer children’s dentistry that is free of those unhappy associations or experiences. In fact, we want our patients to understand the many benefits of pediatric dentistry, apart from the most obvious.

For example, consider these lesser recognized benefits of pediatric dentistry:

As pediatric dentists in Leesburg, we offer treatment that comes only from years of additional, specialized training. For example, anyone practicing pediatric dentistry has around four years of school and two years of residency before they can begin treating kids, toddlers, teens or those with special needs.

Someone practicing pediatric dentistry is “kid focused”. This means they have years of working with kids rather than adults. They know what to expect and how to handle whatever occurs. Rather than being overwhelming, they are a friendly person who makes dental care a pleasant thing.

They can treat the youngest members of the family too. Because Cardinal Park Family Dental offers pediatric dentistry, it means we can provide even your toddlers with the care they need early in life.

The office is kid-friendly. One of the most significant benefits of pediatric dentistry is that the overall environment is kid-friendly. We know what it is like for a child to enter an unknown place, or one where they might already be afraid, and we then create the most conducive, relaxed and enjoyable surroundings.

Treatment now reduces costs later. Another of the lesser known benefits of pediatric dentistry is that it gets kids off to a good start with dental care. Rather than developing a dread of it, they become people far more likely to have once or twice annual checkups and cleanings. This means they have far healthier teeth and gums, and this, in turn, allows them to enjoy remarkably lower dental care costs in their adult lives.

There are always other kids around. Imagine how a child feels entering an office in which there are only adults and only chairs and furnishings sized for them. We ensure that kids always see other kids, get to play or wait in areas designed for their needs, and recognize the dentist’s office as a happy and positive place.

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