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About Root Canals

Are you one of the people who think of a root canal as one of the most painful procedures imaginable? If so, you are not alone, but you are definitely wrong! Root canals are a helpful and remarkably beneficial treatment option, and they are no more painful than any other dental procedure. In fact, with the use of a general anesthetic, you won’t feel anything at all. At Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, VA, we encourage our patients to discover the many benefits of root canals.

Though you may think of this endodontic therapy as necessary and beneficial only when decay has made its way into the pulp of a tooth, the treatment does more than just halt further decay and discomfort.
Just consider how your dentist in Leesburg can use the benefits of root canals:

• A root canal is going to address the pain and risks of a deeply set infection inside of your tooth, but also remedy or prevent the formation of an abscess – which jeopardizes the health of the tooth, but also the gum tissue and neighboring teeth.

• Opting for a root canal allows your dentist to provide endodontic therapy that ultimately saves the natural tooth. This is hugely important as the loss of even a single adult tooth can lead to a multitude of dental health problems. These can range from the shifting of remaining teeth – causing uneven wear and changes in the bite to the loss of gum and bone where that tooth once was.

• Among the other benefits of root canals is that they are topped with a long-lasting and durable crown (usually the work removes too much of the original crown of the tooth, necessitating the use of a porcelain dental crown). This will be crafted to identically match the original tooth – which means it looks great while it also offers painless and efficient function.

• The use of crowns or fillings after a root canal is done means that you can bite and chew like normal, and without any further discomfort or pain. You may not have realized that you altered your biting and chewing because of pain, and this can put your other teeth at risk for decay and wear. The root canal allows everything to get back to normal and prevents undue wear and tear on the teeth.

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