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About Smile Makeovers

Do you hesitate when you smile or put your hand over your teeth because you are upset about their appearance? If so, you should consider a “smile makeover.” Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, VA offers our patients an array of services that go into a smile makeover – including cosmetic dentistry options as well as restorative work – and the benefits of smile makeovers are too important to ignore.

While hiding your smile may seem like second nature, did you know that it actually has an impact on your overall emotional health and well-being? Blunting your communication and interaction, it is something that you must address. Fortunately, you have an experienced dentist in Leesburg offering cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers.

While the benefits of smile makeovers are most definitely emotional and social, they are even more than that. Just consider:

You can have many problems corrected – From deeply stained teeth, widely gapped teeth, worn or uneven teeth, and even overlapping or missing teeth, you can use a smile makeover in our office to get these issues corrected.

The latest technologies are at work in a smile makeover – One of the key benefits of smile makeovers is that they employ such a wide array of the latest technologies. Consider that you might visit us and discover that we can replace a missing tooth with a dental implant or that we can make porcelain veneers that get you out the door with a new smile in just two visits! Technologies are amazing, and can provide a huge array of answers.

They are totally customized – We don’t offer “general” solutions. One of the biggest benefits of smile makeovers for our patients is that we sit down and create a detailed approach to their needs. This allows us to provide the most efficient schedule and help you address those things that have made you keep your grin hidden for a while.

They get your teeth and gums in the best shape – We don’t do a makeover until your teeth and gums are in the best condition. This means that beginning a makeover starts with the care you need for the healthiest as well as the most attractive smile.

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