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Are you someone who has an old “amalgam” or metal filling? If so, you may think that this filling is unattractive, but nothing to worry. However, you would be a bit off the mark. At Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, VA, we encourage our patients to consider the significant benefits of tooth-colored fillings, which go far beyond cosmetic benefits.

Although that is usually the main reason that someone may want to look into composite fillings made of tooth-colored material, in reality, the benefits of tooth-colored fillings are important to know. Consider the following:

• An old amalgam filling can be compressed by those who grind their teeth, expanding inside of the cavity created for it, and allowing the tooth to weaken over time.

• The old fillings also required much larger spaces in order to properly adhere to the tooth, while composite fillings need smaller amounts of the tooth removed and are bonded.

• This means that one of the main benefits of tooth-colored fillings is that they actually strengthen the tooth by being harder, needing a smaller amount of the tooth material removed, and by bonding to the tooth – essentially cementing it together.

• Tooth-colored fillings can be an ideal way to restore a tooth, enhancing its strength and also improving its appearance. After all, an amalgam filling reveals itself in many ways, darkening a tooth or being quite obvious to the naked eye.

• Another of the significant benefits of tooth-colored fillings is that they last much longer. They can stay in place, without failure or any weakening, for 15 years or more. This is a much greater period of time than amalgam fillings.

• They offer a dentist a more conservative answer. You may have once heard that a cavity required a dental crown because too much of the tooth had to be removed in order to preserve and fill it. However, the tooth-colored fillings demand minimal removal.

• They are matched to the natural teeth. The color of a tooth-colored filling is not just a general “white” but one that is created to match the patient’s tooth.

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