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Among numerous advancements in dentistry, grafting is an innovative medical procedure that tends to offer significant solutions to a plethora of teeth and gum issues. Furthermore, gum grafting is an imminent surgical method that is concerned with the transplantation of living tissues into the damaged gum tissues. It largely serves to counter issues that arise due to gingival recession and thus, helps to cover the exposed teeth roots. On a similar design, bone grafting has emerged out as another dental treatment that operates on jawbone transplantation. In line with these services, our dentists in Leesburg provide various advanced services of gum and bone grafting to its patients.


Gum and Bone Graft Infection Signs

Gum and bone grafting is considered as an important, yet, a critical dental procedure that must be carried out with utmost efficiency. A failed gum or bone graft may increase the chances for the patient to develop an infection around the newly-transplanted graft. The patient may experience severe pain and tenderness in the infected area, followed by swelling and redness. Moreover, the patient may feel feverish and sweaty, along with the feelings of irritability and fatigue. In certain rare cases, patients with an unsuccessful bone graft are also found to have developed osteomyelitis which creates complications within the bone marrow.

To inhibit the risks of such infections, our specialized dentists tend to induce certain prophylactic antibiotics before and after the grafting, so that bacterial attacks can be prevented. However, these antibiotics are unable to provide efficient results in case the blood supply to new grafts is obstructed. In such a case, dentists prefer to remove the graft and clear the infected area from all the potential existence of infection. A new graft is then carefully placed, all the while, ensuring to eliminate recurrence of the infection and maintaining the oral hygiene of our patients.

Gum and Bone Graft Before and After

Gum recession is largely a common dental condition, however, complications arise when it is left unattended. The receded gum weakens the teeth root and exposes the bone. It then further degenerates, causing sensitivity and severe gingivitis. In severe cases, fractions of the exposed bone also begin to shred which then creates a gap within the cavity and evokes intense pain. If it is still not catered, the patient may eventually lose the teeth.

Therefore, gum and bone grafting is a necessary surgical measure that efficiently replaces the missing gum or bone with the help of cadaver or synthetic tissue. After the implantation, the gum tissue or bone may take from few weeks to several months in order to blend with the surrounding tissues. Anti-inflammatory medicines are also recommended during the process, to reduce pain and soreness. When the graft finally connects with the surrounding tissues, it relieves the patients of all the dental pain and gives them a beautiful smile.

Gum and Bone Graft Healing Stages

Gum and bone grafting may seem like an extensive procedure that involves the use of various surgical tools into the patient’s mouth. Nonetheless, this is far from reality as the long surgical sessions largely comprise of waiting for the healing of gum or bone. The extent of these healing stages depends upon the patient’s health and the nature of tissues that are taken for the grafting procedure. If a large chunk of tissue or bone is grafted into the socket, the procedure might take a longer time to heal. After the soft tissues are healed, the gum or bone starts to grow gradually. However, the patient might feel discomfort in the initial phases, with complications in chewing and speech. As the time progresses, the complications subside and the patient starts feeling comfortable with the newly formed gum or bone.

Gum and Bone Graft After-Care

Every surgical procedure implicates certain post-op situations that require for the surgeon to provide a set of necessary instructions to the patient. In case of gum and bone grafting, the patient is likely to experience bleeding, swelling, and pain in the operated area. However, these complications are easily catered by placing a moist gauze pad over the area, which helps to prevent excessive bleeding along with following further instructions from the dentists after the treatments. Intense exercise and vigorous movement of the mouth is also forbidden right after the surgery. To reduce swelling and pain, an ice-pack is applied to the area which provides relief to the patient. Furthermore, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medicines with consideration of patient’s health are also prescribed to minimize pain and chances of infection, respectively.

In addition to these after-care measures, the patient is instructed to make regular checkups with our specialist’s so that the progress may be traced. Moreover, our dentists regularize drug dosage period and set out the future appointment plans. This organization helps to facilitate the recovery procedure and allows the patient to continue daily routines with ease.
All services for gum and bone grafting at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care are intended to provide our patients with support and comfort so that they may be relieved of needless pain.

Dentures in Leesburg

Dentures provide a substitute for teeth and offer a network of surrounding tissues, so that the tissues may expand, forming living cells, and build a strong holding with gums. For this purpose, it is essential for the dentist to set up and efficiently structured systematic process, which then helps to exhibit maximum outcome. The first procedure in this matter is to attain the exact dimensions and measurements of the gap that is to be filled, as even the slightest of alteration in size or shape may interfere with the effectiveness of dentures and may evoke further complications for the client.

We know that people who need dentures for one tooth or for the entire arch of teeth can be facilitated with this service in the form of complete and partial dentures. Moreover, realignment and replacement of dentures are also necessary as tissues tend to displace over time which then distorts the positioning of dentures.

Cardinal Park Family Dental Care provides effective dental care through customized dentures that fit perfectly with the gap and offers optimum utility to its patients. Here, treatment starts with extraction, after which regular appointments are made for the maintenance of dentures. These carefully structured denture procedures guarantee normal functioning of teeth, similar to the effectiveness of natural teeth. In addition to this, your appearance and speech issues are also eliminated with the help of dentures providing the patient with a confident and beautiful smile.

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