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It is extremely important to take care of the oral health of children. At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, we offer dedicated pediatric dental services to help maintain the oral health of children from infancy and the years proceeding adulthood. Our doctors have extensive experience in treating different issues for children related to their oral health and have earned a remarkable reputation of providing excellent care for children.

Childhood is the most innocent and compassionate stage of life that requires deliberate attention from parents. The health of children remain the priority for parents because they are determined to provide them with a healthy lifestyle. Oral health forms a fundamental component of general health and well-being of children, but children are most likely to develop dental cavities or other dental conditions. Dental cavities may start to develop even before the child reaches one year of age. The range of conditions that may get developed due to oral cavities includes oral pain, local infections, reduced growth, risks of permanent dentition, and psychosocial problems. Children affected with dental conditions lose their overall health. They are likely to suffer through the decreased quality of life as compared to their counterparts with good oral health.

Children are often curious to try new things. Sweets are one that’s commonly consumed among those things; they can also addictive yet unhealthy. Most children are also fond of soft drinks. However, the sugar in these carbonated drinks and juices often form acidic reactions when combined with bacteria in the mouth that can be damaging to the teeth. When children  go to bed without brushing their teeth, it gives bacteria higher chances to grow and develop. It may feel impossible at times to stop your children from having sweets or particular foods that cause cavities. Therefore, issues of tooth decay and erosion of the enamel are most common among children. We recommend that you take precautions and proper dental care to maintain oral health of your children.

Baby teeth of children start appearing during the first six months. It is not until the age of six and seven years that they start having their secondary teeth. If they are not provided with effective dental care, they are likely to suffer from oral decay or diseases that may escalate to become lifetime complications. Dental complications may be painful and daunting. It is highly recommended for children to see a dentist regularly. The dentist can analyze their oral health and prevent the development of any dental condition that might be long-lasting and cause their child to suffer through the consistent pain.

At Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, we offer a variety of pediatric dental services. We have developed specialized expertise in dentistry and strive to offer your children with the best oral care. We also offer a wide range of treatment options for children’s oral healthcare. When a child is recommended to receive a dental exam from a pediatrician, parents must assure that the pediatric dentist they approach is able to provide their child with the best possible care. Our doctors offer specialized services in the field of children’s dentistry. The considerable experience they have acquired in this area allow them to deal with critical issues as well as routine care.

Children are mostly afraid of dentists because of the intimating dental equipments. It makes it difficult for dentists to treat children when they do not cooperate. It is important to precisely understand the needs and temperament of children to gain their trust and expose them to the advanced treatment options and technology. At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, our hygienists and doctors are well trained in this area. We will take excellent care of your children and ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for them.

Dental examinations and treatment are highly recommended for children up to fourteen years of age, including infants and newborns. The range of services we provide includes fluoride treatment, sealants, space maintainers, fillings, and athletic mouth guards. Provision of anxiety-free treatment in dental care forms our number one goal.

It is important to note that every child has their own dental requirements and a specific behavior. If children do not like something and are reluctant to pursue it, then it becomes difficult to convince them. Some children are sensitive and develop emotional stress, anxiety, or such other condition while being at the dentist. We feel pride in stating that we not only offer the most up-to- date technology and techniques, but also assure that we are able to fulfill our patient’s needs. It is why we adopt a flexible approach in taking good care of the child with particular condition so they do not feel worried during their visit.

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