So you have missing teeth. This means that you need to find a solution to replace the missing teeth. Finding a solution is important because you need a full smile to eat, talk and to smile with confidence. Once you lose your teeth, you are going to need to find a solution sooner than later at Cardinal Park Family Dental. Some options you can choose from are dental implants and dentures. There are many different pros and cons of each. Luckily, we offer both of these treatments at our Leesburg dentist office. Continue reading to find out which restorative dentistry solution is right for you.

The Number of Missing Teeth

Depending on how many missing teeth you have will help you narrow down your options. Some patients only have a few missing teeth and will therefore only require partial dentures or dental implants with a bridge or dental crowns. The difference between the two is that partial dentures are removable and dental implants are not. If you want something you never have to remove to clean, implants are the better solution. If you are okay with removing restoration for cleaning, partial dentures are the right solution. There are many different factors that must be considered when choosing between dental implants or dentures.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

One of the top things you should think about when considering dental implants or dentures is if you are even a candidate for the procedure. Not all patients are a candidate for dental implants in Leesburg. First of all, candidates for dental implants need to have sufficient bone mass to properly hold the implants into place. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically inserted into your jaw. These act as tooth roots. Dental crowns or bridges are then attached to the implant and secured in place.

Candidates for dental implants not only need to have sufficient bone mass, but they need to be free of gum disease and other dental problems. If gum disease is present, it will need to be treated before dental implants can be considered. If you don’t have the sufficient bone mass, you can have a bone graft done to produce the amount of needed bone mass. The bone mass is what holds the implant in place which is why it is so important.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Whether you have lost multiple teeth or an entire jaw, dentures are an affordable alternative to dental implants. All patients are good candidates for dentures which means there are no restrictions to any of our patients. Both partial dentures and full dentures give you back the full functionality of your teeth as well as your smile. You will once again be able to chew and smile confidently.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits of dental implants in Leesburg including the security of knowing your teeth won’t come out during the wrong moments. When you opt for dental implants after you lose teeth, the implants in your jaw help maintain your bone mass in your jaw. This helps you maintain a youthful appearance by avoiding a drooping look and loss of bone structure. You restorations will be secured to the implants. You won’t be required to remove them in order to clean them. They will act like your natural teeth so you should just resume regular dental hygiene routines.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures are a smart solution for patients with missing teeth and are more cost-effective than other restorative dentistry treatments. Many patients like dentures, but are turned off by removing them and not having them secured in their mouth. One option you have with dentures is to secure them with dental implants. These are known as all-on-four implants. They are the best solution out there for patients with an entire jaw of missing teeth. Your dentures are secured in place so that you don’t need to ever remove them to clean them. You will clean them just like you would your regular teeth.

Cost of Dental Implants or Dentures

A huge factor that plays a role in which treatment type they want to choose is the cost of the treatments. Unfortunately, dental implants are on the pricier side which steers many patients away from them. Dentures, however, are more affordable. They are a lot less than dental implants, but they also are more limited. Since they aren’t attached to your mouth, you have to be more careful when eating hard foods like steak and corn on the cob. In addition, dentures need to be removed regularly for cleaning. If you care about functionality and don’t want to take a damper on your lifestyle, it might be worth the cost to pay for dental implants.


When it comes to choosing the dental solution for you, you should not only take cost into consideration but overall comfort. These are going to be your solution to missing teeth so it’s important to feel happy with the level of comfort. Dentures are not the most comfortable solution. A lot of patients find their mouths to be sore by the end of the day and welcome the nighttime when get to remove their dentures to soak overnight. Dentures also often slip and move around which can cause discomfort and even anxiety during the day that they will slip out. In addition, dentures cover the palate of your mouth which reduces your ability to taste, can cause you to speak with a lisp and make you lose your sense of temperature.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are more comfortable. They feel like natural teeth and are secured in your jaw, giving you a sense of security. You don’t have to use any special adhesives or remove them to clean them, this long-lasting solution is strong and stable that won’t make your mouth sore or cause you discomfort.

Discuss Your Ideal Solution with our Dentist

If you have missing teeth, it’s time to find a solution. Give our dental office a call to find out how you can get dental implants or dentures in Leesburg. Our dentist will recommend the best option for you and your lifestyle. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form today!