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Composite Tooth Colored Fillings in Leesburgtooth colored fillings Leesburg

The composite tooth-colored fillings consist of ceramic and glass particles and only a small part of the actual plastic. Our dental experts at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care in Leesburg recommend the composite tooth-colored fillings because of their numerous advantages. The composites are stabilized for treating teeth. They are anti-bacterial, and they highly meet the aesthetic requirements because they adapt almost perfectly to your natural teeth. Unlike simple plastics, composites can be polished to a high gloss, so that the tooth surfaces cannot become so easily discolored.

The fillings are not just functional; it is essential that they seem natural. Many people do not want silver fillings to show when they laugh or smile because they are more aware of how they appear. Amalgam or silver fillings are the metal colored fillings that many people have. Amalgam is the traditional material used for fillings for several years. It has been found that amalgam fillings may contain mercury which is poisonous to humans. Nowadays, composite materials are increasingly used in the treatment of cavities, which have an undeniable aesthetic advantage. Composite materials are also of extremely long duration. Importantly, the chemical bond between filling and teeth completely prevents the penetration of bacteria. Plus, the composite tooth-colored fillings allow your smile to appear completely natural.

At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care in Leesburg, we offer dental filling services for restoring dental health. Particularly, the treatments are aimed to repair the small fractures of the damaged teeth or surfaces. The procedure to fill the dental cavities is known as tooth-colored fillings. Different colored materials can be used for dental fillings like composite fillings and porcelain fillings.

The dentists at our dental office in Leesburg specialize in all kinds of dental fillings. The need for tooth-colored fillings arises when patients have oral health problems, or they do not care about dental hygiene. For any information regarding dental health, you can contact us or visit our dental office in Leesburg.

Patients with regular dental visits are certainly aware that dental cavities are most commonly occurring oral health problems due to an absence of dental hygiene. If you notice an increase in dental sensitivity, the problem may arise from a loss of enamel. This type of tooth sensitivity can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated by utilizing an overture, that is, the application of the appropriate dental filling material.

Visit our dentists in Leesburg to discuss your case because our experts would recommend the most suitable option available to you. Our concerned dentist may require additional or alternative procedures including:

  • Dental crowns for teeth that need more support than a traditional filling.
  • Dental implants and dental bridges in the case of irreparable damage to the tooth.
  • Devitalizing (along with antibiotic treatment) for damaged teeth on the nerve, infected or absent.

For the subject, the dentist examines the suspect tooth using a dental probe. An x-ray is also done to determine the exact size and position of the cavities or decay. Once the need for tooth filling has been established, our dentists will recommend the most suitable filling and cavity options to prevent further damage to the tooth. Our specialists will also consider your medical history, the position of caries, the aesthetic needs, and the dentist will advise what the best treatment option may be. These options include direct composite reconstruction or inlays created in in our office. Depending on the chosen option, the dentist may be able to complete the tooth reconstruction immediately.

Are Composite Fillings Safe?

Composite fillings are a plastic material that is designed to match your teeth perfectly. Since the composite materials have no mercury, they are considered as the safer option than the traditional amalgam fillings. Even our dental experts recommend composite fillings because they are safe and appropriate for the treatment of dental decay. On the other hand, the patients who have amalgam fillings are often found to complain about the hot and cold sensitivity due to a metal filling.

As opposed to an amalgam filling, we specialize in preserving your tooth structure by placing a composite filling. This technique is safer than amalgam filling. Additionally, the composites take little time for the curing process where you can use your teeth as you leave our office. However, the amalgam filling requires hours to cure.

Our specialists at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care will diagnose the defects. In the case of more substantial defects in the posterior tooth area, there are some cases where we could treat your tooth with a composite filling as well as with an inlay. Here we usually recommend the inlay, because the side walls of the tooth are very thin after removal of deeper caries. Plastic composite fillings may not be able to withstand the strong chewing pressure which might result in breaking the tooth wall.

When to Replace Composite Fillings?

If you notice a decay in the composite filling, do consult your dentist and do not wait until it hurts or the crack appears. The stains might also be an indication to replace the composite fillings. If the dentist notices the decay in a composite restoration, then it is time to replace or refill the composite filling on an affected tooth.

The composite fillings can be repaired with a newly added composite which can create a strong bond with existing filling and the tooth. However, it is a different story in the amalgam filling which requires removing an old filling to replace it with a completely new filling. In the amalgam filling, the hole in the tooth becomes larger whereas, for composite fillings, the restoration is an attractive feature.

You don’t need to be concerned about the restoration of your composite filling because our experts in Leesburg will explain the options for you. Do not hesitate to make an appointment at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care in Leesburg.

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