At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, we are very much of the opinion that everyone should be entitled to a beautiful smile. It makes us unhappy when people are reluctant to smile because they have to live with teeth that are not pleasing to them, and it makes us even more unhappy when people neglect their teeth to the point where they are unsightly for no other reason than that they fear dental treatment.

We want you to know that we are here to help you, not to make you afraid. Modern dental treatments do not cause pain, so if you have been living with a substandard smile out of fear, we would like you to come and see us so that we can put your mind at rest and give you the treatments that you need to improve your smile.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is any procedure, or any combination of procedures, that work to give you the smile you want. Some cosmetic procedures are also restorative, but the main purpose of cosmetic dentistry is just to make you look better – anything that gives you a better bite is incidental.

A cosmetic dentistry treatment can be as simple as a whitening treatment, or as complex as a full set of crowns or implants. Many cosmetic dental issues can also be corrected by means of porcelain veneers.

The Benefits

The most important benefit of cosmetic dental treatments is that they restore your self-confidence, enabling you to smile without feeling embarrassed. Secondary benefits could include improved functionality. You might also find that your overall dental health is improved, simply because once you have had a treatment that is designed to improve your smile, you will be more invested in taking care of your teeth so that they continue to look good.

Contact Us

Would you like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and the ways that it can benefit you? Contact us at Cardinal Park Family Dental, 2 Cardinal Park Drive, Leesburg, VA 20176. You can reach us by telephone at 703-779-2296, or if you prefer, you can use the convenient form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to helping you improve your smile.