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Certainly, you may have your dental hygiene up-to-date, a soft toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss daily are already part of your routine. You may also know that routine monitoring, examination, and thorough dental cleanings done by a dentist are important for maintaining oral health. However, there is a significant difference between deep cleanings (root planning and scaling) and routine teeth cleaning. The damage to the jawbone and other nearby structures might occur due to mouth diseases. Regular dental checkups and visits to the dentist are recommended. So, if you want routine dental checkup or deep cleaning of your teeth, you can visit our dental clinic in Leesburg. Our primary goal is to provide our patients with the best oral treatments to help maintain their oral hygiene and prevent gum diseases. For expert advice, you can contact our office or schedule an appointment for more details.

Daily brushing and frequent flossing are undoubtedly great allies for perfect oral health. However, even with regular dental care, tartar and plaque may form on the teeth. For this reason, a periodic visit to the dentist is essential. At our dental office in Leesburg, we specialize in deep cleaning. This procedure is also known as dental cleaning, which can only be done by a professional.

Get to know the four dental cleaning techniques used by dentists that can help you maintain both the health and the good looks of your smile!

  • Standard Dental Cleaning

The simplest of dental cleaning techniques is the standard cleaning. In it, the professional removes plaque and tartar using only the appropriate instruments for this activity such as ultrasonic tip, curettes, and bicarbonate jets. After removing and sanitizing, teeth are polished and received a fluoride application. This technique does not require anesthesia but if you have sensitive teeth, you should talk to your dentist to see if topical anesthesia is necessary. It is recommended that this procedure is performed every six months or every three months, depending on the patient’s oral health. Feel free to contact our doctors for more details.

  • Deep Cleaning (Root Planing)

This is not a procedure, but a treatment that may need several sessions. Root planing is performed on those who present some periodontal disease, and it consists of a more complex treatment. This is because, in addition to the removal of tartar and plaque above and below the gum line, this treatment involves the application of local antibiotics and antimicrobial irrigations. The planning of the root, in turn, softens the surface of the roots of the teeth, eliminating the roughness and helping in faster healing.

  • Periodontal Cleansing

Periodontal cleansing is actually the deep cleaning or the extension of the root planning. It is not performed in the whole mouth, as in the first case. Only in the regions that have not yet presented the expected improvement. It is important to remember that both this treatment and the previous one are performed under the effect of local anesthetics to eliminate pain and to ensure patient comfort.

  • Full Mouth Debridement

Also known as extensive cleansing, full-mouth debridement is a slightly more complex cleansing. It is generally recommended for patients who do not undergo a dental cleaning procedure for more than one year. Or for those with a more advanced stage of development of tartar and plaques on the teeth. This procedure is very similar to standard cleaning, where all the tartar buildup is removed and the teeth polished. In addition, an antimicrobial irrigation applied under the gingiva to potentiate the effects of extensive cleaning.

Why Dental Cleanings are Important

Dental cleaning is important because it can lead to severe oral diseases and ultimately loss of teeth. The dental biofilm (bacterial plaque) accumulates at the base of the teeth and within the gingival sulcus or periodontal pocket and formed by colonizing bacteria. After eating food, we always have food scraps lodged in the cavities of the dental arch between the teeth and at their bases, near the gums and cavities. Later with inadequate oral hygiene and no efficient cleaning of mouth, the food will accumulate. Bacteria feed on these particles and begin to process them, hence forming the bacterial plaque. This plaque may form a hard mass over time that is installed in the gingival margin and within the gingival sulcus or periodontal pocket.

There are about 400 species of microorganisms capable of lodging in the mouth and feeding on the bacterial plaque. Bacteria will always be present in the oral structure. It is impossible to remove them completely. However, daily dental hygiene and dental cleaning performed periodically in the dental clinic. According to the specialist’s indication are the best ways to avoid diseases caused by the action of these bacteria.

In addition, periodontal diseases and other oral aspects that contribute to the proliferation of bacteria such as teeth remnants compromised dental canals and caries may be responsible for the development of heart diseases such as bacterial endocarditis. This is because gingivitis can release inflammatory cells capable of narrowing the coronary arteries and contribute to the formation of plaques of fat in the bloodstream, increasing the chances of the onset of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or stroke.

Even when oral cleaning is performed through dental brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing. It may be necessary to perform a dental prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning) with the aid of a dentist to ensure complete cleaning of teeth and other oral structures. Only a specialist can analyze the teeth and verify the presence or absence of tartar, cavities and other oral problems, indicating the appropriate treatment to revert these problems. A dentist can only do dental prophylaxis since the whole procedure is done with professional dental equipment. Dental cleaning can be performed on people of all ages. At our dental clinic in Leesburg dental prophylaxis is done to children with the application of fluoride and prophylactic toothpaste to prevent the action of bacteria.

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