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Teeth are the most important in the living being’s body due to the wide range of functions they exhibit. However, because of the lack of care, teeth are faced certain deformities and defects. One such defect is identified when there is an excessive demineralization without enough remineralization. This imbalance in the procedure weakens the enamel and the tooth regresses towards decay. Here a Cardinal Family Park in Leesburg, we treat this dental condition with the help of fluoride treatment which serves to fill in the deficiency of fluoride, strengthening tooth enamel and preventing their decay.

Dentists have invented various techniques of fluoride treatment to serve people having developed fluoride deficiency. This fluoride treatment helps to reverse tooth decay in its earlier stage. Furthermore, dentists have discovered different types of fluoride treatment that functions according to the teeth condition of the patients.

Demineralization of teeth is a common dental condition that is characterized by weak enamel of the teeth. This condition arises with the imbalance of patient’s diet that includes an excessive intake of sugary food products, and an inadequate fluoride consumption. As a result, the tooth is deprived of required minerals that then causes it to decay. To cater this dental condition, dentists incorporate fluoride treatment that involves the application of fluoride for the recovery of teeth. Within this context, our office in Leesburg offers two types of fluoride treatment that are categorized as per the procedures that are involved in the process.

Topical fluoride is one such category that involves the use of fluoride-based products such as toothpaste, gels, and mouthwashes. These products are applied externally over teeth and works to strengthen the enamel against the negative agents of bacterial plaque and carbohydrates. On the other hand, systemic fluoride is extracted from food and water that functions through natural processes and exhibits its systematic actions on the tooth’s components. Fluoride supplements and drops have also used that help to revert demineralized tooth.

However, an excess of fluoride may also evoke certain adverse effects that then induces defects in the teeth. Dentists are interested in finding out the ratio of fluoride that is beneficial for the strengthening of teeth and the boundary within which fluoride may be used safely. Nevertheless, these dentists aim to introduce products that are efficient in their fluoride components and effectively act to restore the decayed parts of the enamel.

Fluoride Treatment for Adults in Leesburg

Fluoride treatment is divisible into certain branches that utilize different methods of fluoride induction for the prevention of tooth decay. These different methods are used as per the specifications of the patient and the state of teeth. In case of adults, our dentists recommend tropical fluoride on treatment that works on teeth that have already been erupted. For this purpose, toothpaste and gels are used to be applied on the affected tooth externally so that the outer layer of the tooth is provided with efficient minerals and the enamel is strengthened. Such products are readily available that contains ample amount of fluoride, and therefore rapidly acts for the protection of tooth from further deterioration.

However, patients must approach dentists on a priority level so that professional guidance may be attained and an appropriate ratio of fluoride may be induced. Nonetheless, if the condition is severe, our clinic in Leesburg will undertake the procedure of prescribing fluoride supplements that exhibits the long-term effect of tooth protection. This process will mineralize the teeth with maximum efficiency.

Rules of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment follows a relatively simple pattern that involves the application of fluoride on the affected tooth. However, there are certain rules that must be incorporated with utmost care so that tooth is prevented from any further deterioration. We pursue a systematic mechanism for fluoride treatment that ensures an elevated result. The foremost step is the use of a brush for the application of fluoride so that the tooth is protected from risks of developing further bacterial attacks. After the treatment, the patient is instructed to refrain from practicing any activity that may interfere with the fluoride’s retention with the tooth. After a certain time, the patient is allowed to carry out normal routine tasks.

To ensure long-term effective, our dentist may recommend multiple sittings to root out the bacterial plaque and strengthen the enamel by providing sufficient amount of fluoride. Despite this, our dentists are mindful of the amount of fluoride they use for patient depending the severity of tooth decay. For effective results, the patient must consistently come in for treatments from the dentist.

Fluoride Treatment Aftercare

After the fluoride treatment is efficiently conducted, dentists provide certain instructions to the patients regarding measures that must be catered as an aftercare of the treatment. This involves refraining the patient from brushing teeth since vigorous rubbing of the teeth may cause the fluoride solution to wear off. Moreover, the patient must be careful while chewing as certain hard food products may scrap out the fluoride from the teeth, and the patient may swallow the fluoride along with the food particles. As a result, the patient may feel nauseous, implicating consequences on the general health of the patient.

In the long run, the patient must adopt the approach of regularly practicing fluoride intake so that mineralizing of the teeth is balanced with the demineralizing process and the enamel is protected from decaying procedures. This demands regular consultations with the dentist so that oral health and hygiene is ensured. And in this case, what better option is there than Cardinal Park Family Dental Care; we provide our clients with maximum relief by understanding their dental problems and then offering the best treatment available. Our team of dentists is proficient with the capabilities to come up with effective treatment procedures through which our clients can flash their beautiful smile again with confidence.

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