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In the light of growing diseases that are being discovered by advanced science, cancer has emerged out as a fatal disease that is found to implicate irreversible consequences on an individual’s health. Oral cancer renders a person on the verge of a life-threatening situation. In this regards, dentists at our dental clinic in Leesburg provides innovations in the oral cancer screening processes that act as a facilitator and identify mouth cancer in the early stages and thus helps patients to recover rapidly.

Oral cancer is described as a condition in which there is an abnormal growth of cells in the oral lining, forming a tumor. To identify mouth cancer in a person, dentists conduct oral cancer screenings that involve examination of abnormality. If the dentist detects any abnormality, the cells of that particular area are sent for further testing and a biopsy report is attained. This oral cancer screening helps to detect cancer prior to its progress, so that early measures may be adopted to eliminate the risks of developing mouth cancer.

With the advancements in science and technology, dentists tend to evolve efficient techniques of oral cancer screenings so that patients may achieve an early diagnosis and the treatment procedure may be accelerated. Leesburg offers a variety of programs that can provide people with screenings and examine their mouth for any possible presence of a tumor.

The procedure involves detection of any abnormal patch or lump within the roof of mouth, tongue, or internal lining of the cheeks. The maxillofacial and oral regions are carefully observed and the dentist checks for the hint of the cancerous or pre-cancerous tumor. The dentist then further investigates the malignant properties of the tumor.

Our dentists are highly trained and efficient in examining cancer’s existence in the mouth as most of these screening programs include extensive and detailed procedures of examination. Moreover, the dentists recommend people to consult their doctors at least on an annual basis, so that risks may be reduced to a minimum. This is evident from the fact that a large ratio of affected individuals is saved from the plague of mouth cancer due to the early diagnosis of oral cancer screenings. This implies the significance and effectiveness of the procedure, with respect to its role in the inhibition of mouth cancer death rates.

Should I get an Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer is a highly fatal disease that can cause a person’s health to deteriorate at an unstoppable rate, eventually resulting in death. The most notable element of mouth cancer is its initial asymptomatic nature. During the early phase of cancer, a person may not have the slightest of the idea of having cancer. This causes affected individuals to go on with their lives without the knowledge of their health that is slowly progressing towards death. When cancer reaches to its later stages, the person may then realize the deterioration of his health and the damage that cancer has had implicated on him. It is thus commendable to get a screening prior to any harm so that risks may be inhibited.

In addition to this, another factor that indicates that a person should get an oral cancer screening is the excessive use of certain toxic and injurious substances, such as, tobacco, cigarette, and alcohol. Moreover, oral cancer may also be transmitted through a sexually transmitted virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). Presence of any one habit in an individual puts them under the risk of mouth cancer. Therefore, such individuals are highly recommended to screen themselves for the presence of oral cancer.

A further reason to get an oral cancer screening is the positive influence of professional help. A person may not be able to detect the presence of cancer on his own, whereas, expansive knowledge and professional experience of the dentist may enable him to detect cancer’s presence prior to its onset. This stresses upon the importance of getting an oral cancer screening so that the person may eliminate chances of cancer with the assistance of a doctor.

Why are Oral Cancer Screenings Important?

Oral cancer screenings are considered to have utmost importance due to the facilitation it provides in the process of cancer detection and treatment. The most significant aspect of oral cancer screening is that it provides an early diagnosis of the disease that then makes the treatment procedure easier and more effective. The cure rate that can be obtained due to early diagnosis of oral cancer is 90%, thus avoiding any complication or severity. Yet, in many cases, the discovery of oral cancer occurs during last developmental stage. Therefore, oral screening can be used for early diagnosis and detection of the disease to increase the life expectancy.

Dentists recommend that oral cancer screenings are beneficial for the successful treatment of the disease. About 84% of oral cancer cases can be detected early on by health professionals. At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, our dentists perform oral cancer screenings using different methods of detection with the help of new technologies.

Different advanced tools have been developed for identification of abnormal tissues that may lead to oral cancer. The oral cancer screening has helped thousands of people in the diagnosis of oral cancer at early stage. The signs and symptoms at the early stages of oral cancer are often painless and thus difficult to be identified. In such cases, screening of oral cancer can be effective to save the mouth from different abnormalities.

The screening methods are simple and easy to do. During the screening test, the dentist performs the visual examination for evaluation of any abnormalities. The abnormalities that cannot be visualized by visual examination are then diagnosed with the help of an oral cancer screening. This indicates the significance and efficiency of oral cancer screening for attaining sustainable health of individuals.

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