• Pediatric Dentistry FAQs

pediatric dentistry FAQs

If you are a parent, you probably have quite a few questions about pediatric dentistry. At Cardinal Park Family Dental, our dentists have been practicing children’s dentistry for years, and we have the answers you have been looking for. Read through these pediatric dentistry questions to learn more.

When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist for the First Time?

We recommend children see the dentist when their first tooth comes in, or – at the very latest – by the time they reach their first birthday.

How Should I Clean My Infant’s Teeth?

Any soft-bristled toothbrush can be used to clean an infant’s teeth, but we recommend using one that is specifically designed for a baby’s mouth. You can gently brush their teeth once a day before bedtime with a baby toothpaste for good results.

Should I Do Something About My Child’s Thumb Sucking Habit?

Thumb sucking and sucking on a pacifier are perfectly normal activities for infants. These habits only become dental problems if they continue into childhood after your child gets their primary (baby) teeth.

How Often Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

This is one of the most common pediatric dentistry FAQs we get from parents. In general, it’s best to bring your child in every six months for an exam and cleaning. Your dentist may recommend more frequent visits if your child has any special dental or oral health or hygiene needs.

When Should My Child Start Using Toothpaste?

As soon as your baby’s teeth begin to erupt, it’s a good idea to use a very small smear of baby toothpaste on their teeth and gums when you clean their teeth. Between the ages of three and six years, you can increase this amount to a pea-sized drop of children’s toothpaste on their toothbrush.

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These are just a few of the many pediatric dentistry questions we get at Cardinal Park Family Dental every day from loving parents who want to do the best for their children. If you have any additional questions regarding to pediatric dentistry, we would love to answer them and/or schedule your child for an appointment. Contact us at 703-779-2296 today.

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