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Everything we consume impacts the shade of our teeth. Sometimes, the dullness of color is genetic, so that people are born with darker teeth. Age is also contributing factor to how your teeth look. As you grow older, the shades of your teeth become darker. If you are worried about the color of your teeth, then you should seek professional advice from a dentist. Cosmetic bonding forms an ultimate solution for your problem. We offer promising services in Leesburg regarding dental bonding. Dental bonding is a reliable solution used to restore the health of teeth, especially for tooth discoloration.

Tooth discoloration refers to a condition where the shade of your teeth becomes dull and they look pale, brown, or spotted, and is very common. Sometimes this discoloration is problematic and may lead you to become self-conscious of your smile. Smiling with discolored teeth can be a source of embarrassment, but you will be happy to know that tooth discoloration is both treatable and preventable.

Dental bonding can help you revive the natural brightness of your teeth and make them look cleaner, healthier, and brighter. Teeth bonding is a cosmetic procedure in which resin materials are used as adhesives and the stains are removed using a high intensity curing light. The process is titled as dental bonding because materials get bonded with teeth and improve their physical appearance.

What is a Dental Bonding Procedure?

If you have any insecurities regarding dental bonding procedures, then put them aside because the procedure is easy and painless. Anesthesia is mostly given to patients when dental bonding is done to a decayed tooth. Your dentist will choose a composite resin color that closely matches with your teeth color so that the results will look natural.

Composite bonding is a procedure in which colored composites are used to repair the teeth, filling of cavities and cracks, and closing cracks between the teeth. The process can also be used for building up the worn-down edges of teeth. Composite bonding is used as a smile makeover. The dentist will apply the composite material to the teeth’s surfaces especially the ones shown while smiling. While this method is sometimes known as bonding, they are formally called direct composite veneers.

Adhesive bonding is a restoration process that is different from a direct composite. This method is used for porcelain veneers, esthetic crowns, and inlays/onlays and bridges. Once the dentist finalizes the resin that best suits the color of your teeth, the surfaces of your teeth are made rough using the phosphoric acid solution. The teeth are treated with a liquid bonding agent following the removal of the roughing agent and are then conditioned and smoothed with the applied resin. At this stage, is the dentists can give teeth the desired shape. An ultraviolet curing light is applied to harden the material and makes the change permanent. The steps are repeated unless the final shape is achieved. Finally, a dental polish is applied to get a finishing look.

When is Dental Bonding Used?

Dental bonding is not only used for stain removal and whitening but is also the perfect solution to fill the spaces in teeth that cause them look fragmented and misaligned. Firmly aligned teeth that look brighter and radiant is indeed something that everyone wants to acquire. Dental bonding is the procedure of choice that is easier to avail. The procedure is long lasting and enables the chipped tooth to look healthier in both the shape and color. If you have chipped teeth or want to whiten them, then you must reach out to our cosmetic dentistry services in Leesburg.

Dental bonding is also used as an alternative to the amalgam fillings. It can help repair decayed teeth and treat cracked or chipped teeth, which will enhance your smile. If you think your teeth are too small and want to make them look a bit longer, then dental bonding is a smart choice. Through teeth bonding, you can also protect any gum recession since teeth bonding will protect the exposed roots.

Can Dental Bonding Straighten / Fix Crooked Teeth?

Dental bonding is the ultimate solution to straighten or fix crooked teeth. It brings instant results for crooked teeth. A single appointment may help you remove teeth malformations and you may find your smile rejuvenated in only a short while. The procedure is very versatile and can be performed either on its own or in combination with restorative dentistry treatments like dental bridges, teeth whitening, and dental crowns.

How Long Should Dental Bonding Last?

While dental bonding does not last as long as dental veneers, with proper oral hygiene you can maintain them for up to 10 years. They can only last that long if proper care is taken such as avoiding exposure of teeth to ice cubes, hard candy or other such materials since the composite material is prone to damage. Another factor that determines the lasting duration of dental bonding is the area in which it was done. Resins used in dental bonding are not as stronger as the natural enamel and may get malformed. If you are in a habit of teeth grinding, then it is really important to consult with a dentist since it makes dental bonding weaker.

Is Dental Bonding Covered by Insurance?

Insurance coverage is available for dental bonding only if it is done due to chip/fracture or decay. Insurance is not commonly provided if the reason of dental bonding is purely cosmetic.

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