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About Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can create a number of problems for an individual. It may make you hesitant to smile openly in public, making you less confident about yourself. The problem of missing teeth is not only a cosmetic issue but can affect the overall health and condition of your teeth. Our specialized dentists at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care in Leesburg offer dental services that cater to all your dental needs. Our qualified dentists can fix missing teeth with dental bridges that help to support your remaining healthy teeth, while also bridging the gap created by teeth that you have lost.

The dental bridge serves as an effective solution for fixing your missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of artificial teeth that are placed between natural, healthy teeth. These can be used to replace any teeth that you may have lost after some accident or tooth decay. The healthy teeth adjacent to the missing area are used as bridges to cover the gap created by the teeth you have lost.

At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, the procedure for providing you with dental bridges is performed with the help of the CEREC machine. With this, we can create your bridge the very same day you visit our office in Leesburg for an examination.

Additionally, missing teeth can cause problems for your existing healthy teeth as well. This is because each tooth in your mouth requires the support of adjacent teeth to stay in place and remain stable. The loss of a few teeth can affect the strength and stability of your existing teeth, as they may drift, tilt, or tip into the empty area left behind by the lost teeth. Our dentists at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care can take care of your dental troubles by helping you preserve your healthy teeth through the use of dental bridges, restoring your smile and confidence, allowing you to perform daily activities such as talking and eating in a perfectly normal way again.

How Dental Bridges are Made

Creating dental bridges has traditionally been a multi-step process. First, the existing teeth adjacent to the area to be filled by the dental bridge are reduced and recontoured so that they can act as foundations for the bridge. The existing teeth are used as abutments on which the dental bridge will be placed. After this step has been completed, the mold of the area where the bridge will rest is taken and sent to a dental lab for the design of the bridge. Since every individual has a different dental structure, shape, and size, dental bridges have to be designed for the best fit for each individual.

However, technological advancements have made this process much simpler and quicker. The CEREC machine at our dental office can create dental bridges in a single day. The CEREC machine uses advanced computer imaging algorithms to capture an image of your teeth and create a dental bridge that perfectly matches your natural teeth. Through this machine, we can prepare your dental bridge the very same day that you visit us for your examination. You can have your complete dental restoration in a single visit to Cardinal Park Family Dental Care.

Do Dental Bridges Feel Normal?

It is a common concern among people that a dental bridge may not be as comfortable as natural teeth. Although it is true that it takes some time before a person who has recently been fitted with a dental bridge feels completely comfortable with using it for all activities, you can get used to it in a matter of few days. Initially, it is advisable to eat soft foods to help yourself become accustomed to the feel and use of your new tooth or teeth. However, after the first few days, you can eat and perform all routine activities in a completely normal way as if you have grown a new set of teeth.

An important factor in making dental bridges feel normal is how well they fit in the mouth. Our qualified dentists at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care will make sure that your dental bridge is just the right fit for your teeth so that you may be able to feel your newly replaced teeth as completely normal and comfortable as possible.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Dental bridges generally have a long life. With proper care, they can last a whole lifetime. In any case, a dental bridge can easily last five to seven years even if it receives less than ideal care. If good hygiene and dental care are maintained throughout, then a dental bridge can easily last ten years or more. If you have received dental bridges, good care is essential as it can help you avoid the inconvenience of having to replace your dental bridge every five years or so. Good oral care habits should be developed by any person wearing dental bridges. These involve specialized as well as regular care.

Brushing and regular cleaning with a quality toothpaste, having active fluoride for boosting the strength of teeth and reducing chances of cavities developing, is extremely important. Flossing should also be regularly done to ensure that food particles that are too firmly trapped between your teeth can be removed. It is imperative that the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prevented against decay, as healthy teeth and gums are necessary to allow the bridge to function and fit normally into your mouth. If these care habits are properly followed, then the dental bridge may easily last up to 10 years or even your whole lifetime.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Bridges?

Dental insurance may or may not cover bridges. It depends on the insurance plan that you have subscribed to. Your dental insurance plan may have different amounts of coverage for different types of dental bridges. Typically, a dental insurance plan covers a certain fraction of the total costs of getting a dental bridge. The percentage of the amount covered again depends on your selected dental plan.

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