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If you are looking for a complete examination of your teeth for any cavities and checking for gum diseases, dental exams are the solution for you. You can reach our dental clinic in Leesburg. Our dentists can also detect the risk of developing other oral health problems. It also includes cleaning of your teeth as well as checking your mouth, neck, and face for abnormalities.

You can also come in for dental x-rays to diagnose any dental and oral diseases. A dental x-ray is a useful tool for the diagnosis and detection of critical dental conditions that are not visible by a routine dental exam.

The primary goal of this service is to provide patients with best oral treatments and to help maintain healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. To carry out this examination, all you have to do is go to our dental office in Leesburg. Feel free to contact our office for more details.

A dental exam is a process of checking teeth for any gum diseases and cavities. The hygienist or dentist will also detect the risk of developing other oral health problems. It also includes cleaning of your teeth as well as checking your mouth, neck, and face for abnormalities. The other areas included in the dental examination may be related to cosmetic improvements to your teeth and other factors of lifestyle that can affect oral health. Diet and oral hygiene are broadly discussed topics during a dental exam. The hygienist or dentist will help you with proper flossing and brushing techniques and other habits to maintain good oral hygiene.

Oral health might significantly affect the medications taken for multiple health problems. The risk of tooth decay increases with dry mouth which occurs due to the frequent intake of medicines. The people with diabetes are usually at high risk of gum diseases. Our hygienist or dentist will inquire individuals related to any health problems during their dental exam.

People who have a dry mouth are susceptible to demineralization of teeth, and this leads to the establishment of dental caries. Saliva helps keep your mouth acid levels stable. The X-ray helps to check the acid levels and whether or not the teeth are demineralized. The drugs that decrease the production of saliva are those prescribed for hypertension, anti-allergic, antidepressants, antihistamines, decongestants, analgesics and diuretics.

Our hygienists and dentists recommend the use of an electric and powered toothbrush, mostly for individuals who may have difficulties in brushing their teeth effectively. This is the most common problem faced by individuals with arthritis.

The dental exams include the following:

  • Evaluate oral hygiene and overall health
  • Evaluate your need for fluoride
  • Check your jaw and bite for problems
  • Remove deposits or stains on teeth
  • Assess the risk of bone or gum disease and root and tooth decay
  • Assess the need for tooth replacement or tooth restoration
  • Recommend proper techniques for teeth cleaning or dentures
  • Undergo diagnostic procedures and take dental x-rays

An x-ray is a tool of extreme importance that is used in dentistry. It allows checking the state of the teeth, gums, jaws and bone structure of a mouth to diagnose the main problem. X-ray pictures are used in dentistry so that the dentist can have the vision of hidden dental structures, bone loss, and cavities. With dental x-rays, the dentist can see what they cannot see with their eyes alone. They can identify teeth that are stuck inside the bone or to see lesions like granulomas or cysts that are hidden near the root of the tooth.

Why Dental Exams and X-Rays Are Important

Dental exams are essential for repairing damage to gums, teeth, and mouth that could have long-running effects on all the other teeth. It helps to maintain good oral hygiene and consequently prevent diseases of teeth. Routine dental exams and cleanings help to evaluate concerns before they become serious. Nowadays, dental x-rays are known as important part of dental care. Due to the fact, it can visualize even the minor traces of oral health problems such as oral infections, gum diseases and other types of tumors. Dental x-rays are useful because they can detect oral health problems at their earliest stages. For additional details, feel free to contact our office.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Exam?

The visits vary with the severity of the dental health problems with people. Some may need more frequent visits while other can get away with fewer visits. People with an increased risk of dental disease need to visit the dentist every three or four months a year. On the other hand, patients with a healthier mouth only need to visit every six months. Although x-ray cannot be considered a routine examination since it emits small radioactive charges, many people need to have x-rays taken regularly so that their dental condition can be monitored. The number of times an x-ray is required depends on the clinical and dental history of each patient.

Individuals who may need x-rays more frequently may be:

  • Children: Most children need to have an x-ray every year because they are more likely to develop dental caries. X-rays also help monitor the development of teeth.
  • Adults who have restored teeth: All adults who have restored teeth should check for signs of tooth decay under the dental work that has already been done.
  • All people who consume sugary drinks: Drinks with sugar, such as chocolate milk, coffee or tea can create the ideal conditions for the formation of tooth decay.
  • People who suffer from periodontitis: Those who suffer from periodontitis need to perform x-rays regularly to see if there is still a bone loss that affects the tissues that surround and support the teeth.

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