If you have a child, you may be wondering when the right time is to take him or her to the dentist for the first time. You might also be wondering if pediatric dentistry is even important. They’re just baby teeth, right? How important could it be? Pediatric dentistry is actually very important for ensuring a lifelong of good dental health for your child. Cardinal Park Family Dental is proud to offer pediatric dentistry for children of all ages. Keep your child’s dental health good for the rest of their life. Find out why pediatric dentistry is important in Leesburg.

Pediatric Dentistry is Important for Keeping the Mouth Clean

One of the top reasons pediatric dentistry is important is for teaching your child how to keep their mouth clean. Just as it’s important for adults to visit their dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, it’s important for children to visit their pediatric dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and exam. During these exams, your dentist will ensure your child’s teeth are growing incorrectly and that there is no damage or decay taking place. You can bring your child in as soon as their first tooth erupts. We actually recommend parents bringing their child in at as young of an age as possible so that they get used to regularly seeing us and become comfortable with dental visits.

When your child comes to see us at our Leesburg dentist office, we will complete a dental exam and cleaning. This will ensure that all plaque and built up tartar is removed in order to prevent bacteria from sticking to the tooth. If it isn’t removed, the bacteria can cause cavities and other dental problems. We will also show you and your child how to properly brush and floss their teeth, especially when we notice a buildup of debris. It’s important for you to care for your child’s baby teeth as much as you would care for their adult teeth. Although they eventually lose these teeth, it’s important that they remain healthy until they fall out or other problems will arise.

Pediatric Dentistry is Important for Healthy Tooth Development

Even though they are temporary teeth, baby teeth are just as important to care for as adult teeth. When the baby teeth are healthy, the adult teeth can come in more easily and are usually straighter. When baby teeth are not properly cared for, this can cause them to fall out too early, causing any remaining teeth to push forward and cause adult teeth to grow in crooked and in the wrong place. With regular visits to your pediatric dentist in Leesburg, we will ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and their adult teeth are growing in like they should. In addition, these visits will also allow us to diagnose potential orthodontic problems before they grow. There are lots of preventative treatments out there like oral appliances that teach your child’s tongue where to rest. Preventative care can halt problems from becoming more severe and thus save your child from more dental treatments in their future.

Pediatric Dentistry is Important for Preventing Decay

Having regular check-ups with your pediatric dentist is the number one way to prevent serious dental problems from forming. There is nothing worse than going to the dentist every 5 years because you are in pain just to find out you have a mouth full of cavities. When your child visits our Leesburg dentist office every 6 months, we will examine your child’s smile thoroughly to detect any potential problems and signs of decay. This way, we can stop the problems in their tracks before they grow out of control and require treatments like fillings, root canals, or even dental crowns. This will not only save you money but save your child from pain. Sometimes, the dental problems can grow so out of control that extractions may be necessary. That is the last resort for us and is why we push parents to take preventative dentistry seriously.

It’s important to establish these habits early in your child’s life so that when they grow into being adults, they will continue seeing their dentist regularly, and hopefully never have severe dental problems because of their diligence. During our cleanings, we also provide fluoride treatment to give your child extra protection against bacteria and decay. This is an important part of ensuring your child has healthy teeth throughout their life.

Pediatric Dentistry is Important for Dental Hygiene

One of the other top reasons parents should take pediatric dentistry serious for their children is because it is important for dental hygiene. Regular visits to your pediatric dentist in Leesburg helps remove any bacteria, tartar, and plaque from your child’s mouth. It is also a checkup to make sure your child is doing their part at home of brushing and flossing correctly. It’s easier to develop good habits when you are a child that will continue throughout your life than it is to start them when you are an adult and you have already dealt with tons of dental procedures. We want to empower our patients to take control of their dental hygiene and give them the education they need to take responsibility for their dental hygiene. This includes taking proper care of their teeth at home between dental exam visits.

Visit Our Pediatric Dentist Today

If your child recently grew their first tooth or they have not yet been to the dentist since their teeth have arrived, now is the time to schedule their first dental appointment at Cardinal Park Family Dental. Our dentist is happy to help your child feel comfortable in our office and to help answer any questions or concerns that may be present. We want your child to have a healthy smile throughout their life so feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form today to schedule their appointment.