Whether you have dentures or are just about to get them (or even just considering them as an option), you may have some unanswered questions. At Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, VA we provide all kinds of restorative dentistry solutions, including full and partial dentures. As a trusted dentist in Leesburg, we want to be sure you have all the answers, and we offer these dentures FAQs to help:

Do Dentures Hurt?

This is one of the most significant of the many dentures FAQs because a lot of patients are unsure about pain and dentures. If you have dentures that have been comfortable until now, but something has changed, this is a sign of a problem that must be addressed by our dentures specialist. If you have just received dentures, understand that there may be a bit of tenderness for a few days, but it must not last much beyond that. If you have soreness or pain, it means you need an adjustment.

Now that I Have Dentures, Do I Need Regular Checkups?

In a word: Yes. Though you may not have any natural teeth remaining, or just a few, your gums and the soft tissue of your mouth will need regular exams. Any teeth will still need to be properly cleaned and cared for, and the fit of your dentures should be checked periodically.

Why Would Dentures Fit Differently Over Time?

Anytime we lose adult teeth and don’t replace them with implants, the gum, and bone shrink. This happens slowly, but it can cause your dentures to fit differently after a few years. Therefore, many people find they need to replace dentures.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

It is not at all for dentures to last from five to ten years, and even longer. Each patient is different, but you can count on them for several years before anything needs to be updated.

Can Dentures Be Permanently Placed?

This is one of the best dentures FAQs for our modern era. There are now ways to have dentures that are secured by dental implants. These are different from fixed bridges or other forms of dentistry. You need to talk with our restorative dentist to get further details.

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