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Contact our Invisalign dentist in Leesburg for discussing whether Invisalign braces are the right choice for you. Because it’s not just the matter of looking good, you have to be more comfortable and more confident. We offer you excellent orthodontic services in Leesburg by recommending Invisalign braces. The truth is, with clear braces, you can clean your teeth regularly and your mouth will be less stressed – so the times of irritation and discomfort by metal clasps is finally over.

It’s the 21st Century, your phone is wireless, your computer is wireless, so why not your braces? Unlike traditional braces, we fabricate clear braces for our patients at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care. Now get rid of the metal braces because your smile is beautiful when it’s natural. As an alternative to braces, Invisalign is clear braces that are removable aligners. Orthodontics treatment in Leesburg not only specializes in protecting crooked teeth, but it also enables you to continue with your usual activities of eating, drinking and beautifully smiling. If you want to know, does Invisalign really work? Then contact our dentists at Loudoun County practice for Invisalign.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Many of our patients want to straighten their teeth, but they don’t want the hassle of wearing metal wires and brackets. At Cardinal Park Family Dental Care, we are proud to offer patients in Leesburg and throughout Loudoun County. Invisalign clear braces for a comfortable, convenient, and nearly invisible way to straighten their teeth. Our cosmetic dentists are experienced in treating patients with the Invisalign system. Visit our smile gallery to view some of the results achieved from our patients.

What are Invisalign Clear Braces?

The Invisalign system uses a series of clear plastic aligners, also referred to as clear braces, which fit snugly over the teeth like a mouth guard. Each patient receives a series of aligners, custom-made by the Invisalign company, which are designed to gradually move the teeth into their proper position. The aligners are worn at all times, but, unlike traditional braces, they may be removed to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are many benefits to choosing Invisalign over traditional metal braces. For starters, Invisalign is nearly invisible. Unless someone is close to your face, they won’t be able to notice you have clear braces unless you tell them. Another benefit is that they are removable. This means you can eat whatever you want and brush and floss at ease without worrying about breaking your braces or staining your teeth. It is also more painless than traditional braces. Instead of getting your braces tightened frequently, you will change your aligners about every 2 weeks which will give you a more gradual change, therefore resulting in less pain. It’s also been found that it works faster than metal braces. Depending on your condition, your perfect smile can be achieved in as little as 6 months! Be sure to follow our aftercare instructions to properly care for your aligners and teeth during treatment.

How Invisalign Works

The Invisalign treatment is more straightforward and simple than the treatment for dental crowns or inlays. You have to make a visit at our dental office in Leesburg where the dentists will take a measurement to prepare the Invisalign aligners. The aligners are crafted especially for you so that they can snugly fit over your teeth. These are clear braces that are invisible, flexible and comfortable so you can slightly move them when you need. You can also remove them to clean your teeth or while eating or drinking.

The Procedure

You will first visit our practice in Leesburg, for a consultation to find out whether clear braces are the right choice for you. If you are a good candidate for Invisalign, you will return to our office so that we can make impressions of your mouth. We will send the impressions to Invisalign so that your aligners can be fabricated. You will return to our practice in Loudoun County once your aligners are ready so that we can give you detailed instructions on how to use the system.

You will wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, discard them, and replace them with the next set in the series. Over time, your teeth will gradually move into position until they are aligned. For most people, treatment is completed in six months to a year. During your treatment, you will return to our practice periodically so that we can ensure that your treatment is on track. While considering whether or not Invisalign is the right fit for you, here are 18 things to know about the procedure.

How Long Invisalign Takes

If you are thinking about getting Invisalign aligners, you would definitely be concerned about the treatment and how long the aligners will last. Usually, the Invisalign aligners are worn for two or more weeks. The dentists will also recommend check-up appointments every four to six weeks to monitor your progress. Until then, they will offer you a few pairs of Invisalign aligners to use. You can contact our orthodontics experts in Leesburg for more accurate details or any personal concerns regarding the Invisalign treatment.

Can Invisalign Fix Overbites/Underbites?

Both the overbites and underbites can be fixed with Invisalign; however, there are some exceptions. The severity is the exception because Invisalign cannot correct the severe misalignment perfectly. However, there are most cases where patients are satisfied and appreciate the results of Invisalign braces. For accurate results, you should visit our office at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care in Leesburg for a consultation.

Can Invisalign Fix Gaps?

The Invisalign braces are a viable solution for closing gaps, straightening crooked teeth and fixing overbites. The Invisalign braces designed in Leesburg are customized for your specific smile needs to fix the gaps between the teeth. So if you want your smile to be admired, visit us in Leesburg and consult our orthodontic specialists for Invisalign treatment to fix gaps in your teeth.

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