Are you eager to enjoy the benefits of implant dentistry? Maybe you have lost some of your adult teeth and consider dental implants as the most appealing forms of restorative dentistry? If so, you are like millions of others who have successfully had the treatment. However, there are some who may need additional procedures before our implant dentist can get to work. One of the most common is the bone graft, and at Cardinal Park Family Dental in Leesburg, VA we want to help you discover if you require this treatment and what it means.

As your trusted dentist in Leesburg, we can help you with all of your dental care needs, including the more advanced options like implant dentistry. Because each patient is different, we approach the implant procedure with a thorough assessment of your overall oral health and help you to address whatever issues might make the treatment less successful.

For example, dental implants can fail if the patient has uncontrolled diabetes, untreated gum disease, is a heavy smoker, and several other reasons. If you are someone who has lost many teeth and not had any replaced with implants, you might also find implants a bit trickier because you will have lost a lot of bone mass with each tooth.

Because of that, there may not be enough jaw structure to hold and support the implant. Fortunately, a bone graft is a simple and effective solution. As you see, a candidate for a bone graft is simply someone with inadequate bone mass and not all dental implant patients require it. Our dental implants specialist will make the final determination, and if it is determined you require the surgery, we can provide you with it, too.

How It Works

To understand why a bone graft is needed, it is helpful to understand how an implant works. It is not just lodged in the soft gum tissue but also in the bone. In this way, it is just like a natural tooth. It supports the bone and prevents the tissue from shrinking or being reabsorbed.

The implant does something known as osseointegration, meaning that it binds to the bone of the jaw. If there is not enough bone mass, it can cause many problems and will usually fail. The bone graft is the ideal solution.

It is done as you expect, with a small piece of bone being taken from your body, prepared and then transplanted into the area where the dental implant is needed. The treatment must heal fully, which also requires osseointegration, and then the newly stabilized bone can be used to support your new tooth.

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