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Restorative dentistry procedures are treatments that restore the health and function of your teeth. Restorative dentistry can fix problems such as chipped, cracked, crowded, misaligned, gapped or discolored teeth. It can also save teeth from needing extractions. At Cardinal Park Dental Care, we offer a large variety of restorative dentistry treatments to suit your dental needs. Our doctors have years of experience restoring their patient’s smiles in Loudoun County.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings restorative dentistry

Tooth colored composite fillings are now used in place of metal fillings. Tooth-colored fillings blend in so well that it’s often difficult to tell which tooth has a filling. Recent research also concludes that mercury in amalgam (metal) fillings pose a potential health hazard. As part of our family and general dentistry options, we use only tooth-colored fillings for our patient’s health. We can also replace our patient’s old amalgam fillings with safe composite tooth colored fillings.

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In addition to dental implants, we also offer full and partial dentures for the replacement of teeth. When patients are missing all of their teeth, we can craft a full set of strong, natural-looking dentures. Full dentures are custom made to fit comfortably over the gums. They are held in place by suction and cheek muscles. In some cases, we can stabilize a full set of dentures with dental implant supported dentures. We also offer partial dentures for patients who aren’t missing an entire jaw of teeth. We will replace the missing teeth to blend perfectly with surrounding teeth.

Dental Bridges

dental bridge restorative dentistry

Dental bridges are ideal for patients who are missing one or two teeth next to each other and aren’t willing to pay for dental implants. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create a perfect bridge. The bridge consists of two of your teeth (or implants) acting as anchors. They are then connected to a crown to fill in the gap created by missing teeth. Your dental bridge will be colored to match your surrounding teeth and will produce a natural appearance and function. It will be easy for you to chew the foods you love again and smile without feeling self-conscious about the gap.

Tooth Extractions

We do whatever we can to help save every tooth. However, sometimes a tooth cannot be saved, and removal is the best option to keep your mouth healthy. To make your tooth extraction as comfortable as possible, we use The Wand. The Wand an advanced anesthetic delivery system that ensures that your procedure will be pain-free. Once a tooth has been removed, it is important to replace it in order to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting out of place. We can recommend several tooth replacement options, including dental implants, and dentures or bridges. These will keep the function of your mouth and save your smile’s appearance.

CEREC 3D Porcelain Restorations

CEREC Crowns Restorative Dentistry

We begin by preparing the tooth to receive the restoration. After it’s complete, we make a digital impression of the area. The CEREC machine uses this digital impression to create the porcelain restoration while you wait. Within a few moments, your restoration is ready, and one of our dentists bonds it to your tooth. CEREC makes the restoration process quick and convenient and often allows us to complete a smile makeover in a single office visit! There are several types of porcelain restorations that we use to bring back beauty and function to a smile, including dental crowns, inlays, and onlays. Traditionally, these restorations take two visits to set in place. The first visit to prepare the teeth and make an impression for the dental laboratory, and a second to place the restoration. However, with CEREC 3D technology, we can complete the process in just one office visit.

Endodontic Therapy

In some cases, a tooth becomes so badly decayed that the pulp of a tooth becomes infected. The pulp is a mass of nerves, blood vessels, and other tissue within the tooth. To save a tooth when the pulp has become infected, we can perform endodontic therapy. The procedure, also known as root canal therapy, involves removing the infected pulp. The tooth is then filled and sealed with a porcelain crown. Root canals can save your tooth from needing to be extracted. There is false information out there that root canals are extremely painful. Root canals are no more painful than any other dental procedure. You will be given a local anesthetic to numb you during the procedure. If you feel any pain after the procedure, it can easily be relieved with over the counter pain medication. If you have the option of getting a root canal over an extraction, always get the root canal. When a tooth is extracted, you have to find a restorative solution. Unless you are getting expensive dental implants, your face will experience loss of bone mass and muscle tissue. To learn more about root canals, read our blog: Root Canal Overview, Benefits of Root Canals.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Restorative Dentistry

If you live in or near Loudoun County and are interested in dental implants or other restorative dentistry, schedule a free consultation with our cosmetic dentists. They can help you determine whether implants are the right tooth replacement option for you. We will complete the entire dental implant process to ensure optimal results. We will place the implant post in the first appointment. A healing cap is placed on the titanium screw, and a three-four month healing period follows the first appointment. Once the healing period is complete, a second appointment is needed to take the necessary impressions. The impressions are then sent to our dental laboratory to create the crown that fits over the implant post. After your mouth has completely healed, we will place the permanent crown on the implant post. This step will complete the restoration process and provides a natural-looking tooth. This restorative procedure will benefit you the most, but unfortunately it can be quite costly.

Bone Grafts

When getting dental implants, it is required that you have enough bone mass in your jaw so that the titanium screws (implants) stay put. When a patient doesn’t have enough bone mass, they will be required to get a bone graft. At Cardinal Park Family Dental, we use a hard tissue replacement. This procedure consists of removing the damaged cells and replacing them with new and healthy cells. The cells will then rebuild into a functioning and healthy bone. The grafting material is taken from another part of your body usually, or in some cases, donated Allograft is used. Your bone mass is restored, and implant dentistry becomes possible. Improving bone mass also makes your face appear younger and prevents it from sagging.

Gum Grafts

Gum grafts are needed when your gums start receding and start exposing the tooth’s root. This exposure can lead to pain, unsightly appearances, and tooth loss. Gum grafts can also be used to improve the appearance of your gums. We use a soft tissue treatment for gum recession with AlloDerm RTM, which is donated tissue that has been processed to remove any cells that create regenerative tissue matrix. In result, it will prevent you from needing tissue taken from your own palate which can be painful. This treatment has had successful results for more than ten years.

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