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Cardinal Park Family Dental Care in Leesburg, VA, is your go-to dental office for restorative dentistry treatments like dentures. It’s important to find a replacement option for your missing tooth/teeth to restore function your mouth and speak with confidence. Our specialist dentist can help find the best restorative option for you. You have the choice between full or partial dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. Dentures are ultimately the best solution for any patient in need of an entire jaw, or mouth of teeth.


If you and your dentist decide that dentures are the best restorative dentistry option for you, we will begin the simple procedure. Before making your full set, all extractions in your mouth must be healed. If any other teeth need to be extracted, this should be done before your dentures are made. If your gums are completely healed, our specialist dentist will take impressions of your gums to send to the lab. In the meantime, you wear a pair of temporary dentures. The temporaries allow you to get used to the feeling of wearing and eating dentures. When your permanent pair comes back, your dentist will test that they fit well. With the latest in dental technology, they fit perfectly snug, so you will not need to worry about them falling out when eating or talking.


We also offer partials if you do not need an entire jaw of teeth replaced. Partials are great for sections of teeth that are missing and the patient is not able to have or afford a dental bridge or dental implants. They will allow you to eat comfortably as well as smile with confidence. They are made to look completely natural in shape and color, so you never need to worry about your teeth looking fake.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of this restorative dentistry treatment, including the ability to chew again. With today’s dentures, they fit perfectly to the shape of your gums. Although it may take practice to chew foods like steak and corn on the cob, our patients can expect to enjoy a full range of food. Next, if a patient has had missing teeth for a while, their speech could have developed a lisp, but with dentures, patients can expect to speak normally again. Another benefit is the restoration of confidence. They look completely natural to give our patients a new smile.

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For a permanent restorative dentistry solution, contact our dental office in Leesburg, VA in Loudoun County. Cardinal Park Family Dental Care can be reached via phone at 703-779-2296 or by our online contact form on our contact us page. If you think you are a candidate, please get in touch with our dental office today.

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